Brakes: What you need to know

Hot Brakes 244x300 Brakes: What you need to knowDid you know that brake temperatures reach 500 degrees on average and as high as 1000 degrees in extreme and heavy breaking?

Nothing like the smell of Hot-brakes in the morning though I prefer hotcakes. It is amazing brakes last as long as they do at those temperatures.

The most important feature of your vehicle is its ability to stop. Without this ability, well the roads would simply be a mess. Or we would all spend a lot of effort avoiding each other. Better yet, we could make a bumper car/derby of our commute to work. Either way the commute would not be boring and probably a little more adventurous than most folks would want.

Brakes are designed to wear out and must be replaced and the end of life. There’s just no way to exchange kinetic energy for heat and friction and not wear something out. At least the technology doesn’t exist on a practical base at this point.

Signs that brakes are in need of being checked or replaced:

  • Squealing when the brake pedal is first pressed
  • Squealing while turning and the brake pedal is not pressed
  • Brake “fade” requiring you to press the pedal harder the longer it takes to stop
  • Burnt odor after coming to a stop. This one can be tricky, make sure it’s your brakes that you smell and not the vehicle in front of you.

Ceramic pads vs. semi-metallic vs. organic. Which material is right for your vehicle? Well, the answer is, it depends. It depends on what you ask? Well mostly the manufacturer of your vehicle. Just as brake pads and shoes are made of different materials, the rotors and drums are made of different metal alloys as well as shapes, sizes and cooling designs. All this determines the type pad or shoe that provides the maximum stopping power without causing overheating.

We use only Bendix premium pads and shoes recommended for your specific vehicle. Whether that is ceramic, semi metallic or other wise, Bendix has the equipment and material that works best on your vehicle. Coupled with an anti squeal  brake treatment, these pads provide the best stopping power and long life as possible.

Bring your car or truck to us to perform a brake checkup to keep you safe. All service and repair is back by our 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.

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